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Bank Holiday Announced for State Funeral

Monday 19 September, the date of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral, will be a national bank holiday. The UK Government have said that this would “allow individuals, businesses and other organisations to pay their respects to Her Majesty and commemorate Her reign”. Product Update For anyone who is using the public holiday calendar…

Save Time

What is TOIL?

TOIL stands for Time Off In Lieu. It is a type of absence that an employer might offer an employee in exchange for working some pre-arranged over time. Time off in lieu is the most common alternative to paying additional wages for overtime. How does TOIL work? Time off in lieu works very simply. For…

What is HR

What is HR?

Human Resources, or HR for short, is one of the most important aspects of your business. No matter what your business does, HR is going to play a central role in many areas. From recruitment, training, and compliance, to payroll, culture, and strategy, the requirements for HR are everywhere and constantly changing to meet the…


What is a CIPD qualification?

Obtaining a CIPD qualification is the simplest way to qualify for membership in the CIPD. The CIPD is the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. It is the professional body for Human Resources in the UK. Becoming a member of the CIPD requires you to prove your professional experience in HR, which you can do…


What is the CIPD?

The CIPD is the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. It is the professional body for the HR sector in the UK. The CIPD can trace its history back to 1913. Back then it was known as the Welfare Workers’ Association (WWA). Since then, they have been helping people and organisations achieve their full potential….

Team Demonstrating Employee Loyalty

What does employee loyalty mean?

Employee loyalty is a way of describing how much your employees support your business. With human resources, employee loyalty is often talked about in regards to employee turnover, how likely employees are to leave you for another job. But that is simply the result. It’s not what employee loyalty IS. Loyalty – a strong feeling…

Employee Turnover Rate

What is the Employee Turnover Rate?

Your employee turnover rate is a HR metric about the number of employees who have left your company during a certain time. If you have a high turnover rate, then it means that you have a lot of employees leaving. If your turnover rate is low then it means that your employees tend to stay…

Holiday Mangement

How To Manage Holiday Requests

Being able to effectively manage holiday requests for your employees is a key requirement of any successful business. With the restrictions for Covid-19 starting to relax in the UK, many of your employees will be looking to book some holiday. Therefore, it’s a good time to get a good refresher on how to best manage…

HR Officer

What Does a Good HR Officer Cost?

Running a business involves employing staff. Employing staff needs someone to recruit, manage and review them. This leaves some businesses with a choice, employ a dedicated HR professional or let managers do that work too. Employing a dedicated HR professional can be costly and the size of your business may mean that you only need…