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What is TOIL?

TOIL stands for Time Off In Lieu. It is a type of absence that an employer might offer an employee in exchange for working some pre-arranged over time. Time off in lieu is the most common alternative to paying additional wages for overtime. How does TOIL work? Time off in lieu works very simply. For…

What is the Bradford Factor?

What is the Bradford Factor?

The Bradford Factor is a way to measure how much un-planned time off an employee has had, and how much of an impact it had. The basic idea behind the Bradford Factor is that it is disruptive to your company if an employee has lots of short unplanned time off. It is less disruptive if…

Single Employee Absences Overview

How to manage recurring absence due to sickness

Most managers and HR teams deal with sickness based absence on a regular basis. Recurring sickness absence is an all too common problem for many organisations. A CIPD study has the annual cost of sickness absences to UK business at almost ?30 billion.  Many absence “approvers” tend towards being lenient with absence requests. This is…