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Save Time

What is TOIL?

TOIL stands for Time Off In Lieu. It is a type of absence that an employer might offer an employee in exchange for working some pre-arranged over time. Time off in lieu is the most common alternative to paying additional wages for overtime. How does TOIL work? Time off in lieu works very simply. For…

thanks to a job well done

50 ways to say well done at work

Saying well done at work and thanking someone for their efforts goes a long way. The small human moments matter more than ever with many of us working remotely. This easy show of thanks can become a backbone for your entire company culture – one of gratitude, teamwork, and mutual respect. Don’t miss an opportunity…

Building Trust with your employees

6 Ways to Build Trust with your Employees

How trustworthy you are can have a big impact on the overall success of your business. Not only do your customers need to trust you, but so do your employees. Your employees need to be believe in one another and know that everyone is there for them. Without this trust, their work will suffer in…