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Building Trust with your employees

6 Ways to Build Trust with your Employees

How trustworthy you are can have a big impact on the overall success of your business. Not only do your customers need to trust you, but so do your employees. Your employees need to be believe in one another and know that everyone is there for them. Without this trust, their work will suffer in…

Furlough employees COVID

COVID-19: Temporary shut down and employee furloughs advice

As the Coronavirus lock down continues, many non-essential premises have already been forced to close. This includes restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars, cinemas, leisure centres, theatres, electronic and clothing shops. The commercial impact of COVID-19 lock down is also being felt in many other industries. In either case, the UK Government is offering support for…

Single Employee Absences Overview

How to manage recurring absence due to sickness

Most managers and HR teams deal with sickness based absence on a regular basis. Recurring sickness absence is an all too common problem for many organisations. A CIPD study has the annual cost of sickness absences to UK business at almost ?30 billion.  Many absence “approvers” tend towards being lenient with absence requests. This is…