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Carrot on a stick

Carrots And Sticks: The Proven 7 Deadly Flaws

Do you use Carrots and Sticks to motivate your team? You reward good behaviour with a carrot. You punish bad behaviour with a stick. Your desired outcome of this approach is to encourage the desired behaviour you want from your team members. However, using carrots and sticks can do more harm than good in achieving…

Building Trust with your employees

6 Ways to Build Trust with your Employees

How trustworthy you are can have a big impact on the overall success of your business. Not only do your customers need to trust you, but so do your employees. Your employees need to be believe in one another and know that everyone is there for them. Without this trust, their work will suffer in…

Team Demonstrating Employee Loyalty

Does your company culture need a boost?

What is company culture? It is not really possible to describe what company culture is. It is not a single ?thing?, but a collection of beliefs, behaviours and actions that work together for better or worse. It is a combination of how you and your employees work and communicate. How you support and treat each…