Bank Holidays for 2024 – The Complete List

As we embark on 2024, understanding the landscape of UK bank holidays is crucial for every business. These special days are not just occasions for celebration, but pivotal points for organisational planning, and are just one of the many types of leave that employees are entitled to.

UK Bank Holidays in 2024

The UK observes several bank holidays throughout the year. Here are the key dates for 2024:

England and Wales

  1. New Year’s Day: 1st January – A nationwide celebration marking the start of the new year.
  2. Good Friday: 29th March – A pivotal day in the Christian calendar, observed with various traditions.
  3. Easter Monday: 1st April – A day for relaxation following Easter Sunday.
  4. Early May Bank Holiday: 6th May – A springtime holiday for leisure activities.
  5. Spring Bank Holiday: 27th May – Welcoming the summer season with a day off.
  6. Summer Bank Holiday: 26th August – A late summer break, perfect for outdoor pursuits.
  7. Christmas Day: 25th December – Celebrations of Christmas across the nation.
  8. Boxing Day: 26th December – A day to relax and enjoy post-Christmas activities.

Scotland Bank Holidays

  1. New Year’s Day: 1st January – Ringing in the new year.
  2. 2nd January: 2nd January – A unique Scottish holiday for extended New Year celebrations.
  3. Good Friday: 29th March – A significant religious observance.
  4. Early May Bank Holiday: 6th May – A welcome break in the spring.
  5. Spring Bank Holiday: 27th May – A day to enjoy the budding summer.
  6. Summer Bank Holiday: 5th August – Earlier than in England and Wales, this holiday marks the peak of summer.
  7. St Andrew’s Day: 30th November – Celebrating Scotland’s patron saint (if it falls on a weekend, the following Monday is a holiday).
  8. Christmas Day: 25th December – A festive celebration across Scotland.
  9. Boxing Day: 26th December – A day for relaxation after Christmas Day.

Northern Ireland Bank Holidays

  1. New Year’s Day: 1st January – Welcoming the new year with celebrations.
  2. St Patrick’s Day: 18th March – A public holiday to honour Northern Ireland’s patron saint.
  3. Good Friday: 29th March – A day of religious significance.
  4. Easter Monday: 1st April – Continuing the Easter weekend festivities.
  5. Early May Bank Holiday: 6th May – A break to enjoy the spring season.
  6. Spring Bank Holiday: 27th May – Marking the beginning of summer.
  7. Battle of the Boyne (Orangemen’s Day): 12th July – A unique holiday to Northern Ireland, commemorating an important event in local history.
  8. Summer Bank Holiday: 26th August – A late summer holiday to relax and unwind.
  9. Christmas Day: 25th December – Celebrating Christmas.
  10. Boxing Day: 26th December – A day to recover from the festive excitement.

These holidays offer cultural and historical significance, providing a glimpse into the UK’s rich heritage.

How Bank Holidays Impact Businesses

Bank holidays, while eagerly anticipated by employees, can pose unique challenges for businesses across the UK. The impact of these holidays extends beyond mere dates on a calendar, influencing various aspects of business operations.

  1. Staffing and Scheduling: During bank holidays, many businesses either close or operate with a reduced staff. Industries like retail and hospitality often require more staff due to increased customer demand. Planning and managing shifts becomes crucial to ensure smooth operations without overburdening the staff.
  2. Payroll Adjustments: Bank holidays can affect payroll processing. Employees working on these days may be entitled to increased pay rates, necessitating careful payroll planning. Failure to accurately calculate holiday pay can lead to compliance issues and disgruntled employees.
  3. Business Planning and Service Continuity: For businesses, especially in service sectors, maintaining continuity of service during bank holidays is essential. This requires strategic planning, possibly including adjusted business hours or service offerings.
  4. Impact on Supply Chain and Logistics: Bank holidays can disrupt normal supply chain and logistics operations. Businesses must plan in advance to accommodate for closed suppliers or reduced transportation services, ensuring that inventory levels are maintained.
  5. Customer Expectations and Demand: Customer behaviour often changes during bank holidays. Some sectors might see a spike in demand, while others may experience a slowdown. Businesses need to anticipate and prepare for these fluctuations to maximise revenue opportunities and maintain customer satisfaction.
  6. Legal Compliance and Employee Rights: Understanding and adhering to legal obligations regarding employee rights on bank holidays is critical. This includes knowing when employees are entitled to time off and how it affects part-time and shift workers, to avoid potential legal issues.

SkyHR addresses these challenges by offering tools that streamline scheduling, and compliance management, ensuring that your business not only survives but thrives during these bank holidays.

SkyHR – Streamlining Bank Holiday Management

SkyHR simplifies the management of bank holidays. Our software automatically integrates these dates, ensuring they are factored into your business operations seamlessly. The system is updated yearly to maintain accuracy and can be customised to reflect regional variations.

Benefits of Using SkyHR for Holiday Management

Using SkyHR offers several advantages:

  • It reduces the administrative workload by automating holiday updates.
  • It ensures compliance with UK employment laws regarding public holidays.
  • It enhances employee satisfaction through clear communication of holiday entitlements.

Our user testimonials highlight these benefits, showcasing SkyHR as a vital tool for businesses.

Preparing Your Business for the Bank Holidays with SkyHR

To prepare for bank holidays, businesses can leverage SkyHR’s features to plan staffing. The software’s customisability allows for adjustments based on specific operational needs.


Effectively managing bank holidays is essential for any business. SkyHR provides a comprehensive solution, integrating bank holiday schedules into your business operations effortlessly. Explore SkyHR today to streamline your holiday management and focus on growing your business.

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