The 10 Best HR Blogs to Read in 2023

The Human Resources field is constantly evolving. From new regulations and technologies to shifts in workforce attitudes and expectations, HR professionals must stay updated on the latest trends. A great way to do this is by regularly reading high-quality HR blogs that offer insights, advice, and industry news. Here at SkyHR, we’re not only passionate about providing you with the best HR software but also keeping you informed about the industry’s current landscape. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 HR blogs you should be following in 2023, including our own!

1. SkyHR Blog

Let’s start with us! The SkyHR blog is your destination for thought leadership in the realm of Human Resources. We cover everything from talent acquisition and management, regulatory compliance, employee engagement, performance management, and much more. Our blog’s goal is to provide HR professionals with actionable insights that can be directly applied to enhance their workplace’s overall functioning and culture.

2. SHRM Blog

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a significant resource for HR news, legislative updates, and articles authored by experts in the field. It is a go-to blog for HR professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of workforce management and development.

3. Workology

Workology, previously known as Blogging4Jobs, offers valuable insights about the future of work, hiring strategies, workforce trends, and inclusion and diversity in the workplace. This blog is renowned for its forward-thinking perspectives.

4. HR Bartender

Created by HR pro turned consultant Sharlyn Lauby, HR Bartender serves ‘friendly advice’, providing HR wisdom that’s both practical and easy to understand. Topics range from workplace ethics to employee engagement and leadership development.

5. HBR’s HR Blog

The Harvard Business Review’s HR section is known for its deep, insightful articles about leadership, organizational culture, and team development. Drawing from academic research and industry experts, it offers content that’s both substantial and strategic.

6. The CIPD Blog

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (The CIPD) is the professional body for HR and people development. The blog features posts from CIPD staff and external experts.

7. Evil HR Lady

Suzanne Lucas, the Evil HR Lady, provides direct and often humorous advice on dealing with common (and uncommon) workplace issues. Her blog is a treasure trove of practical solutions and perspective on employee relations and HR practices.

8. HRZone

HRZone is an online magazine that provides HR advice and strategies for managers and business leaders alike. They tackle topics like employee wellbeing, HR tech, leadership strategies, and much more.

9. TalentCulture

TalentCulture focuses on talent strategy, leadership, and innovation in the workplace. Known for its weekly #WorkTrends podcast and Twitter chat, it’s a vibrant community for HR professionals seeking to stay on the cutting edge.

10. Laurie Ruettimann’s Blog

Former HR leader turned writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, Laurie Ruettimann offers honest and often humorous insights on the HR industry. She’s unafraid to challenge the status quo and provide unique takes on hot topics.


In the fast-paced world of Human Resources, staying informed is the key to success. From recruitment strategies and workforce management to the future of work, these blogs cover a wide spectrum of topics relevant to today’s HR professionals. So grab a cup of coffee and start exploring – there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting for you in these top HR blogs of 2023!

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