Save time on HR with these tips

Wouldn’t you like to save 5, 10, or even 15 hours of your time EVERY week on HR tasks? Well, you can. And it’s simpler than you think.

Automating your most repetitive Human Resources admin and optimising your resources you really can free up hours of your time each week.

Whether you run the company, manage a team, work in HR, or even if you’re just organising yourself, you can make some savings when it comes to HR.

Here are our top tips to free up your time when it comes to HR tasks.

Ditch the Excel Spreadsheets

Although spreadsheets can be useful, when it comes to HR, there are a lot of reasons not to use them. You and everyone else are wasting a tonne of time and effort if you’re using spreadsheets for HR.

They’re complicated, slow, time-consuming, not to mention a security risk.

The most likely thing you’re using a spreadsheet for will be arranging and planning holidays and sickness. It’s a bit of a pain, right?

So what should you do? The simple solution here is to use a cloud-based HR system that is designed to take all the hard work out of the process. In SkyHR the process couldn’t be simpler.

Everyone can log in and see their own calendar and request time off. When you do this, your manager or HR person will be automatically notified, they can review your request, automatically see if there are any clashes, and approve it. Whatever they decide, you’ll get a message back and your calendar will be automatically updated. Simple.

Store all your documents in the cloud

More than ever before you want to be storing all your HR documents in the cloud. We’re talking about your contracts, procedures, company handbook, performance reviews, sick notes, and more.

If you are still sending everyone a copy of certain documents, it’s only a matter of time before they get out of sync with each other. Or even lost altogether.

Using cloud-based software can eliminate both the risk of you losing documents, and prevent them from getting out of sync. All your employees will have access to the same copy of the file that you want them to have.

The advanced document storage facilities in SkyHR even allow you to have your team review and accept a new version of a document when you create it. You’ll always be sure that everyone has seen or has access to your latest documents versions.

Stop hunting around for employee data

It’s no good having all your different employee data in different documents. Digging around and copying data here there and everywhere is a waste of your time. It will take you hours if not days sometimes to put a simple report together.

Not only do you want to keep all your employee data in the same place, but you want it organised and accessible when you need it. Being able to quickly and easily review employee data lets you stay more informed and make decisions faster.

Not only can you keep all your records in one place, but the powerful reporting tools in SkyHR will give you everything you need to analyse your employees or drill down into an individual record as and when you need to.

Share the HR work load

Human Resources is a company role. The admin required can, and should, be shared out as much as possible. The more you do to allow each employee to play their part the better.

There are a couple of easy ways to get started with this.

  1. Let team leaders approve time off for their team
  2. Let all employees view and update their personnel details

Using a cloud-based HR system like SkyHR lets you do both of these things and more. Our employee portal will let each of your employees log in and maintain their own data help to keep your records accurate and share the workload.

Cloud-based HR systems can use to save you time and effort when it comes to your HR admin. You can always improve your business processes. We recommend that you keep your eyes open for repetitive tasks that you can look to automate or optimise.

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