What does employee loyalty mean?

Employee loyalty is a way of describing how much your employees support your business. With human resources, employee loyalty is often talked about in regards to employee turnover, how likely employees are to leave you for another job. But that is simply the result. It’s not what employee loyalty IS.

Loyalty – a strong feeling of support or allegiance

Allegiance is the magic word when talking about loyalty. If you are allied with someone, you are there for each them and they are there for you. You’re working towards a common goal that will benefit you both. It will make you both happier, or stronger, or safer.

Interacting beyond the work. Celebrating each other’s successes and supporting each other through failure is what allegiance is all about.

Employee loyalty is therefore an emotional measurement rather than an analytical one. How much does your business and your employees support one another at a core level? How connected are you with your employees on a personal, emotional, level?

Your employees are not loyal to a salary. They are loyal to the people and the goal of the company.

The connections your form at a personal level with your employees can build strong bonds. These bonds become loyalty. You will put yourself out for them, and they will themselves out for you. You go the extra mile for each other, because only together can you succeed.

As a business owner, you can take the lead in building these bonds. Focus on your employees, support them, help them grow. You look after your employees and they will look after your business.

In summary

Employee Loyalty is a measure of how much your employees support your business, but it is grown by the business supporting them.

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