Never miss a Birthday and Work Anniversary – product update

Today we have released some fresh updates to SkyHR to help you work smarter not harder. Here you will find a little about each update. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Birthday and Work Anniversary Notifications

Never miss an employee birthday or work anniversary with the new email notification. As an administrator in SkyHR, you will now receive an email anytime there is a birthday or work anniversary in either 7 days, or today. These reminders are great to allow you to plan something special to celebrate your employee.

These handy reminders are enabled by default. But if you’d prefer not to have them, you can turn them off in the Company Details area:

Manage Section Tidy Up

We’ve taken the opportunity to tidy up the navigation in the manage section to group related sections together. You will now find that you have two new sections that each contain several old sections:

  • Employee Information: Containing Departments, Job Titles, and Emergency Contact Details
  • Absences: Containing Absence Types, and Absence Policies.

Missing Information Labels

When you are next viewing a record in SkyHR that has some missing data, eg an employee without a date of birth set, you will now see a little label to show that that piece of information has not been set yet:

Icons Upgrade

We have given the icons throughout the system a bit of an upgrade. Some icons will have been slightly changed, eg Holiday absences are now a Beach Parasol rather than a Plan. But others have just been visually improved. Not only is this more pleasing on the eye, we now have a greater selection of icons to provide better meaning that we used to.

What do you think?

Go take a look at these changes, and let us know think. We love hearing your feedback. It really helps.

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